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Water - Moments of joy

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

First round, Tick.

Second round, Tick.

Third round, Tick.

Faster, Faster, 

then Further.

I feel the edges,

not the pool.

One day

cool & smooth,

The water,

Then the pool.


Does joy only spark when you achieve something? You can take a moment asking yourselves: when did I have joys?

Getting an important task done, finishing a marathon, having a day out with your closest buddies, dating with a pretty girl, you name yours. I had, you had. These are joys. No doubt.

However, in many cases, joy simply exists as a by-product of achievements. A sparkling moment goes after a point of time.

The moment you completed a task. A point, then a sparkling joy. 

The moment you touched the finish line. A point, then a sparkling joy.

The moment you came back after a day out. A point, then a sparkling joy.

The moment you said goodbye after a date. A point, then a sparkling joy.

Yesterday, for the first time, after almost 3 months of swimming in a pool near my company, I found joy in the pool, not the edges of it. I love swimming, and I always told myself I love it. But, now I understood I, in fact, enjoyed the moment of victory, the moment after I completed 50 rounds back & forth, rather than the moment while I was being in the water.

Yesterday, the water was cool & smooth. The moment I started being aware of how the water carries my body along, everything was slowed down. It was different. There I found joys, of a different type.

Next time, when you do something, be aware of the flow of feeling from your 5 sense organs. You might understand the difference.

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