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"On the other hand, some human societies are promiscuous, and many are harem-based. What this astonishing variety suggests is that man's way of life is largely determined by culture rather than by genes. However, it is still possible that human males in general have a tendency towards promiscuity, and females a tendency towards monogamy, as we would predict on evolutionary grounds."

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This partly answers one my curious question: if there any chance that the nuclear family model (one husband, one wife/ monogamous family model) of the modern society is natural. The reason I am asking this is because of the increasing divorce rate and our history (for most of human existence, we were not following this 1 husband 1 wife model!!

This is a conclusion I draw for myself after this chapter of the book The Selfish Gene. That men always have the tendency to mate with as many females as possible (when not considering modern law and moral values).

And women are more likely to stay monogamous since they have “nutritious eggs instead of cheap sperms.”

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