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I feel a little better every day

"Here is a very over-simplified...altruism on my part would in this case pay my selfish genes."

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G’ morning!
I am back to Every Day A Quote:)
Today’s sharing will be a model using a mathematical model to show altruism in animals is ultimately for the gene’s interest. It can be quite difficult to understand in a page, but if you wanna talk, we can meet up and I can explain it to you.

The book I am reading argues that natural selection does not happen at the group level as people often think. We often think, for example, a dove risks its own life signaling other doves that a hawk is coming, ultimately driving the hawk’s attention to itself is an altruistic behavior for the benefit of doves as a specie. However, it is not true in this argument. What we call “altruism” is just a shellfish behavior of genes to survive the longest.
Not an easy book to read, but definitely interesting argument to know.

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