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Every day A Quote

I feel a little better every day

"Cheating may or may not be human nature, but it is certainly a prominent feature in just about every human endeavor. Cheating is a primordial economic act: getting more for less."

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This claim might be treated with skepticism because we are all educated that cheating is not beautiful.

I think cheating was primitively natural to human until rules and laws are invented to strengthen our social network is getting bigger and bigger every day. The Internet, for example, will probably the latest network connecting almost all humans. Of course, we need rules and laws; otherwise, it would turn into chaos.

Look at animals and Darwin’s theory of evolution, we are naturally wired to protect ourselves. This comes with the need to cheat for yourselves. It is the civilization of the human society that inserts in us the feeling of guilty of cheating or getting more for less. Look around you: animals are cheating too. But to them, it is not cheating. It is how they are instructed by genes wired to allow its host to live the longest.

So, I basically think cheating is human nature inherited from our ancestors, once animals.

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