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Nationality: Vietnam

Native language: Vietnamese

Other languages: English (970/990 TOEIC, 108 TOEFL); Japanese (N1-December 2018)

Email address:          Facebook: Liam Tran          LinkedIn: Liam Tran

Address: Tsukagoshi, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa

Educational background: Bachelor's degree (four-year college) at Ritsumekan Asia Pacific University.

Major: Social Science - Culture, Society and Media

Current job: Dassault Systems (full-time employee)

English teaching experiences:

Travel English


  • To help students acquire basic conversational speaking skills for traveling.

  • To support students with English pronunciation, basic grammar and vocabulary.

  • To create an friendly and motivational English speaking environment.


  • Fully planned and conducted a Traveling English course to Japanese working people.

  • Conducted weekly 90-minute lesson for 15 weeks to 15 Japanese employees (age 35 to 75).


  • Class of Fall 2017: 15 Japanese (age of 40 to 74)

  • Class of Spring 2018: 9 Japanese (age 30 to 74)

  • Class of Fall 2018: 9 Japanese (age of 16 to 75)

  • Class of Spring 2019: 10 Japanese (age 33 to 75)


Class of Fall 2018


Me in my last class

My students are doing role play (sample)

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