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What the Dog Saw

and other adventures

Malcolm Gladwell

I  love reading Malcolm’s books because anecdotes told in his books rarely go to either black or white, yes or no. He is adept at inspecting details, spotting patterns in daily random stories, and showing you the real world, the world of grey areas (governments, businesses, people, in  general, don’t like this uncertainty).

I think we are born and grownup learning absolute standards of what is right & what is wrong, who is good & who is bad, what behavior is acceptable &  what is not. There would be loads of information we could not digest if we started in the middle of the range. A mix of black & white, good  & bad, acceptable, and unacceptable is abstract.

However,  abstraction and uncertainty are what we are facing every day. I think it is an art to understand the nature of everyday matters. What the Dog  Saw is so good at showing you this form of art.

Spring 2020

March 12, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM




What the Dog Saw
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