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The Magic of Reality

How we know what's really true

Richard Dawkins

"We should always be open-minded, but the only good reason to believe  that something exists is if there’s real evidence that it does.”

Culture, religion, myth, etc.—you name them—are magical glue unifying  humans in the most bitter time of the history. But that is before  science steps in and decodes old unsolvable riddles one by one. If 1000  years ago, our ancestors mostly live with complete myths and folk tales,  we (I and you) are moving towards  science with clear answers to the reality (the truth). Those remain  nostalgic about the past and refuse to move on with science are, for the  better or worse, disadvantaged.

That is not to say that the  book ironises old conventions. The author tries to show the magical  reality, the magical science. He wants to show that science can be as  exciting and magical as myths.

I feel like I was re-learning all kind of knowledge back in school. An exciting book!

Summer 2020

May 21, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM


scienc, non-fiction


The Magic of Reality
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