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The Day After Tomorrow

Allan Folsom

Another not-so-short thriller novel, yet it made my adrenaline soared at the first moment picking up the book. Basically, this is a fictional story, a combination of neo-Nazism conspiracy, incomprehensible Frankenstein-like surgery mysteries, and expeditious assassinations. I personally love this kind of purely entertaining novel without much brainy talk when it comes to the thriller genre. More close to reality than Dan Brown’s 24-hour race, this novel still has its nuance of a fast-paced plot. As an entertaining novel, The Day After Tomorrow deserves 5.0/5.0 thanks to Folsom’s skillfulness in story-telling; however, the book is fairly simple & straight forward without much technical knowledge that readers can learn and take away. So, I consider it a tiny minus.


I tended to summarize the plot myself, but many good summaries are available online. Also, there is not so much meaning to me, to sum up, an entertaining story like this one. I think I will not do so to fiction books in general. Here comes a short summary of the book:

Summer 2019

June 9, 2019 at 3:00:00 PM


novel, thriller


The Day After Tomorrow
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