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A Very Short Introduction

Avinash Dixit

Succinctly written for beginners at the introductory level of microeconomics.


I started reading the book after realizing how ignorant I was as a young employee of an international institution whose products’ potential is positioning somewhere on the “supply & demand” curve (I did not even know), a novice in the market where my decision of switching from coffee to tea represents a general market pattern.


I was not majoring in economics, but the book excites me. I was excited, for the first time, to be aware of the law of supply & demand, commodities’ substitution & complement, the concepts of price-responsive, baby-sitter effect, diversification of portfolio, marginal cost, oligopoly, transaction cost, consumer/ producer/ social surplus, price floors and ceilings, externalities, and many more. I listed them in no particular order, but want to say that many concepts are demonstrated in a 120-page introductory book.


A highly compacted and interesting book.

Winter 2019

November 7, 2019 at 3:00:00 PM


economics, business


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