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Happy Money

The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money

Ken Honda

The concept of happy money is as abstract as I speculated. Though I just started my working life without yet making “big” money, my experiences resonate with every line written in the book. From the significant influence of our parents and grandparents on our feeling towards money to how the act of getting and giving money makes it smile and cry, I understand how my subconscious mind projects the money reality. Money itself is not a source of evil, but how its master perceives it turns it evil.

The book is far from a good one, however.

Though never post, I have drafted some writings about my experiences of an exponential increase in satisfaction after learning to appreciate and treat every money relationship with a humble mindset. The topic is extremely abstract, and I don’t think Ken Honda has chosen the right structure for his book. It lacks stories, which, I believe, are always the strongest weapon to persuade readers. The book is not much different from standard (unremarkable) self-help books where big mottos and catchphrases are well presented yet loosely reasoned.

Winter 2020

November 7, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM


self-help, japan, finance


Happy Money
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