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Hans Rosling

Upon finishing the book, I understood why it consistently maintains a spot in top recommendation book lists. Though educated to stay alerted to the informative accuracy given by social media as a media-major student, I am still falling into many instinct traps mentioned by Hans. The book provides a significant amount of information about social matters which we, for a long time, have oversimplified, overgeneralized and sometimes simply gone after our inherent biases. I am neither pessimistic nor positive about the future of the world (more precisely the future of human), even after reading the book because I believe, we cannot explain a phenomenon without opting a frame of reference. Hans is having one too: “human society” fame of reference or mankind society point of view. 

If possible, I would like to slightly change the word “the World” to “Our Society”; the title should be “Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About Our Society.” I think we have beaten our many of worst enemies: war, disease, slavery, injustice, etc; we are conquering the whole Earth. But, is the environment getting better? If the environment is getting worse, we should be worry because that is what shapes us in the future in the long run. What Hans explains is our social improvement process until now or to a near future. Briefly speaking, the book spreading a positive light of the human society, not other the aspects in general. 

I in fact highly recommend the book to everyone because we are, as a matter of fact, holding many misperceptions about our society. “We” are getting better, I cannot deny that after reading the book. I think we have to have a positive mind prior to solving any further problems. On top of that, I love visual representation in the book. All data are neatly presented in beautiful bubble charts, line charts, and illustrations, etc.; Hans and his co-authors did a brilliant job. Thank you Factfulness.

Summer 2019

May 19, 2019 at 3:00:00 PM




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