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A Fire Sparkling

Julianne MacLean

One of the most easy-to-read novels I ever read since the plot is developed around the life of the protagonist, April Hughes (some might consider Gillian Gibbons as the lead character; for me, it is definitely April’s story which constructs the core value of the novel). Simple, yet powerful.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, plus a bit of romantic fiction, you will definitely fall in love with A Fire Sparkling. The story brings me back to WWII years of the 1940s, when Hitler invades Poland, pulling France and Britain into the war. I felt as if I was living in that moment of history when the horrendous war caused chaos filled with secrets, adventures, dangers, betrayals, sacrifices, and romances.


My favorite quotations from the book are:


“Sometimes you think you know someone, but maybe it is impossible to really know everything about a person, even someone you laugh maybe good people-the very best people-are just better at keeping secrets.”


“People only say that [the truth always comes out] because they know about the times when it did. But what about all the secrets in the history of the world that never saw the light of day? No one knows about those.”


I have a habit of guessing the plot before moving forward; however, the plot has given me two huge fat twists (for those who read the story: “the real identity of April in the picture with Ludwig” and “the real identity of Grey Ghost”). I ultimately realized we-human, if not because of luck, will never know what life will bring us to, and we are so small and vulnerable to the truth.

Winter 2019

October 20, 2019 at 3:00:00 PM




A Fire Sparkling
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